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About Us

Welcome to Cressis

Cressis is a trading name of F & M Cressi Ltd incorporated in England and Wales. F & M Cressi was established by Felix and Marcelle in 1995 and has been a family business ever since, serving happy customers throughout the UK.

Cressis is an easy to remember brand name we have created for our Retail business, bringing the more special wines from smaller vineyards around the world to our Private and Corporate clients. All wines have been carefully selected by Felix and Marcelle and are not available in  supermarkets.


1980 - 1985 - 1993 - 1995 - 1997 - 1999/2008

What was the initial spark to start F&M CRESSI ? Often, the first step is not really the origin. 
So let's go back in this little history right to the real beginning: When Felix and Marcelle went all holidays helping their father at his vineyard in Tuscany they learned already the most important rules about cultivating grapes and winemaking. In autumn, the best time arrived, when harvest began. The whole winemaking procedure with people working, singing and laughing together in the sun was like a play and after months, what can be more exciting than the very moment the first bottle of the vintage will be tasted: what surprise! Then, travelling through France, Austria, Hungary and other countries, Marcelle and Felix never missed the chance to visit wine museums, vineyards and wine seminars for tasting different wines. The passion was awoke!

In Munich, 15 year old Marcelle made the first step to sell Italian wine and Felix joined her soon; photographing, writing advertisements and speaking with customers, what a fun! The first own business with the permission of the community: now more than a play. 1993, after their studies in London, they really wanted a Wine Import & Export company by searching suppliers from the countries they earlier visited.

1995, F &M CRESSI LTD, Import & Export of Wines was incorporated. Vineyards were visited annually to build up a good relationship with winemakers and wines selected from the best wine regions in the world completed the collection. 

1997 CRESSIS, an easy to remember brand name, was founded. The idea was to serve also private and corporate clients, restaurants and hotels by selling them special wines from smaller vineyards for good prices. 
1999 they started to design their online store on the web. Felix:" We are an open- minded company: we love wine and wine lovers and our business with all the little and big things to do! We like to come directly into conversation with our customers to share with them the knowledge and the tasting of special wines. 


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